Reality Is Not -Fixed-

Interact with the version of your life that is the most fruitful.

Reality, as we will focus on it, is our individual experience of the world as individual beings.
Reality is constantly being created and upheld.
When we operate as if a ‘truth’ exists, we validate that truth.
Let me digress;
The world is what we make it. Every time you embody a reality, you help to solidify that reality.
If your reality and your truths are not conducive to your most successful self, remember that they are not objective truths. What you know to be ‘true’ may not be so. Are your ‘truths’ keeping you from your goals?

With millions of perspectives, we get millions of realities. We mold our individual ways of viewing the world from the experiences and memories we have; the way we view the world dictates the way we are received by the world. We get out what we put in.

When you interact with a reality, you validate the reality. This can be a good thing or a bad thing; you must be mindful of what versions of reality you are upholding.

This is useful in manifestation, as we can choose to interact with the reality in which we are our most successful selves. Manifesting through embodiment; how can you interact with your desired reality so that you can begin to solidify and integrate yourself into it? Who are you in your desired reality; what do you feel, what do you do, what do you eat, what are your daily tasks, how do you live and interact with others? What do you accept, what do you not accept?

If you have a desire to have the thing you already are the thing; behave as someone who has the thing and it will solidify the having.

**This also touches on the concept of manifestation through abundance vs. manifestation through scarcity. Interacting with our desired reality allows us to move forward in a manner of abundance. When we embody our ideal self, we contribute to the flow of energy in the universe as a whole. When you serve yourself, you serve the greater good.