Tarot Intensive (Virtual)

Tarot Intensive (Virtual)

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♥This is a VIRTUAL session!♥

For this session, please make sure your phone number is inputted correctly, as this reading will be conducted over phone! I will call you at the time you specify in your booking.

Why tarot?
Tarot is a type of divination called cartomancy. A tarot reading is a map of the world around us and our current situations. We can use these readings to gain insight into specific circumstances that are currently happening to us, or what may be coming in the future. Oftentimes our interpersonal relationships, career, feelings of self, etc., will arise during a reading. It's helpful to go into a tarot reading with a question or two in mind, however this is not necessary!

What insight may be gained through a tarot reading?
• Where am I in relation to my goals?
• What steps can I take to achieve what I am looking for?
• What is the general energy around *current situation*? How can I interact in a way that procures a positive outcome?
**This is where specific questions come in! Tarot is amazing at delivering pinpointed and direct answers

Please note, readings are !!NOT!! magic! Well, they are, but, magic isn't what you think. Magic is simply the way the universe works. Patterns, and pattern recognition. When you are able to see the patterns evident in the universe, you can use them for guidance, alignment, and healing. This is what a 'reading' is! It is important to note - we change every day. There are never definites! You are always in charge, and always able to change or redirect course.