Palmistry Intensive (Virtual)

Palmistry Intensive (Virtual)

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This is a VIRTUAL session!

For this session, please email 5-10 photos of your dominant hand in good lighting to
I need to be able to clearly see the marks and lines of your palm, as well as the overall shape and size of the hand and fingers in their resting position. Once I receive your photos and payment, I will email your written reading within 24 hours.

Why palmistry?
Palmistry is a type of divination called chiromancy. The palm is a map of our inner world and our inner workings. The neural paths in the brain are said to be reflected in the lines on the palm, meaning essentially - the hand is the micro to your macro. As such, the hands change as we age and progress. Palmistry is meant to be an empowering guide to you as your find your way in life.

Questions that may be answered with a palm reading:
• How do I relate to my world? How can I better relate to my world?
• Where are my strengths? Where can I grow?
• How has my life created me? How have I created my life?
• How can I align myself with my true path to be my most successful self?
• How can I emotionally regulate?

Please note; readings are !!NOT!! magic! Well, they are, but, magic isn't what you think. Magic is simply the way the universe works. Patterns, and pattern recognition. When you are able to see the patterns evident in the universe, you can use them for guidance, alignment, and healing. This is what a 'reading' is! It is important to note - we change every day. There are never definites! You are always in charge, and always able to change or redirect course.